Project overview

The final construction phase of the Tarčin Forest Resort comprises: Wellness and Spa Hotel set on 345,000 m2 of land with 55 rooms, 135 villas, 22 apartment houses with 176+ units, outdoor and indoor activities with more than 8 km of biking and hiking trails. 

Tarčin Forest resort is becoming known as a place for healthful food and lifestyle, with unlimited opportunities for outdoor recreation in invigorating surroundings and for relaxation in a beautiful natural environment. The sustainable planning concept and an uncompromising focus on quality are the best perquisites for long-term appreciation of value, promising an attractive real estate investment.

Investor and implementing company of the project Tarčin Forest Resort – MGallery Hotel Collection:
Tarčin International Development Company d.o.o.
Kalmija Baruha 1
71000 Sarajevo
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Phone: +387 33 275 809

Apartment houses

Tarčin Forest Resort has 22 apartment houses with 176+ units and with various sizes, starting from studios up to 4 bedroom units. Architecture offices designed each apartment individually. Reference to the identity of traditionally village is omnipresent – traditional indigenous materials such as wood, stone and glass are used to set modern accents of tradition. Whether a primary residence, a second home or a holiday destination, Tarčin Forest Resort is the perfect place to find a balanced lifestyle.


The centerpiece of the Tarčin Forest Resort project is the 135 villas. Special architecture offices designed the various villas individually combining modern architecture with the character of a traditional Tarčin resort village. This balance of tradition and modernity, in combination with the breath-taking mountain surroundings, forms the perfect setting for peace and relaxation in your new, family-friendly home in the midst of nature. With careful planning and close supervision by the architects, and with using mountain materials such as wood and stone the resort will harmoniously blend into the natural forest resort of Tarčin.


Situated within the city limits of Sarajevo, capital of Bosnia, Tarčin Forest Resort on its 350,000m2 of property is located between four most beautiful mountains: Bjelasnica, Igman, Ivan and Ormanj. With blossoming pastures, lovely freshness in summer and snow-blanked mountains in winter, Tarčin embodies the soul of Bosnia and Herzegovina in a unique way. Tarčin Forest area is a part of Hadzici municipality within the Sarajevo Canton that is characterized by two climates. Up to 600 m above sea level is dominated by a continental climate, while above this height is characterized by continental- mountain type and alpine climate type. Tarčin lies on altitude between 700 m – 850 m above sea level. Tarčin has it all – lush green landscapes, unspoiled nature, incredible views, and enchanting forests. And you will also find many sources with crystal clear waters coming from ground. Tarčin area has healthy and dense vegetation.


Sustainability has played a central role in the development of Tarčin Forest Resort from the very beginning. A solid basis for this is the overall planning process conducted through intensive collaboration with government authorities and environmental, historic preservation and tourism organizations. The expansion of the resort and the collaboration with local and regional businesses generates new jobs and promotes sustainable and local value creation. As much business as possible is given to companies in the region – during both the construction and operational phases – thereby supporting economic sustainability.

Careful management of resources runs through the Tarčin Forest Resort project like a golden thread. All apartments villas and hotel has been designed to be as ‘Eco-Friendly’ as possible and features a central, energy efficient heating/cooling heat-pump system that provides a ‘natural feel’, comfortable environment. A heat pump is a device that provides heat energy from a source of heat to a destination called a “heat sink”. Heat pumps are designed to move thermal energy opposite to the direction of spontaneous heat flow by absorbing heat from a cold space and releasing it to a warmer one. A heat pump uses some amount of external power to accomplish the work of transferring energy from the heat source to the heat sink.