Location & Direction

Situated within the city limits of Sarajevo, capital of Bosnia, Tarčin Forest Resort on its 350,000m2 of property is located between four most beautiful mountains: Bjelasnica, Igman, Ivan and Ormanj. With blossoming pastures, lovely freshness in summer and snow-blanked mountains in winter, Tarčin embodies the soul of Bosnia and Herzegovina in a unique way. Tarčin Forest area is a part of Hadzici municipality within the Sarajevo Canton, that is characterized by two climates. Up to 600m above sea level is dominated by a continental climate, while above this height is characterized by continental- mountain type and alpine climate type. Tarčin lies on altitude between 700m-850m above sea level. Tarcin has it all – lush green landscapes, unspoiled nature, incredible views, and enchanting forests. And you will also find many sources with crystal clear waters coming from ground. Tarčin area has a healthy and dense vegetation.