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Situated within the city limits of Sarajevo, capital of Bosnia, Tarcin Forest Resort on its 350,000 m2 of property is located between four most beautiful mountains: Bjelasnica, Igman, Ivan and Ormanj. A winding road climbs leads trough the forest up to the main comlex, comprising a mix of hotel, 230 villas, sport and training facilities, restaurants, more than 3 km of trais, child playground, ski terrain and other amenities.

Positioned on terrain which allows beautiful views of surrounding mountains, in its almost full surface is covered with deciduous and coniferous forest, and at the same time rich with water.

Tarcin Forest area is a part of Hadzici municipality within the Sarajevo Canton, that is characterized by two climates. Up to 600 m
above sea level is dominated by a continental climate, while above this height is characterized by continental - mountain type and alpine climate type. Tarcin lies on altitude between 700 m - 850m above sea level. Tarcin area has a healthy and dense vegetation.